Hibiscus Children’s Center            

Transforming Children’s Lives

Our Mission
To maintain a safe shelter for children who are abused, abandoned and neglected by providing prevention, early intervention, and advocacy in quality residential, assessment and recovery programs.

Our Vision
To eliminate child abuse, abandonment and neglect.

“Children are not defined not by what happened yesterday, but rather by the hope of what comes tomorrow”.

Hibiscus Children’s Center has been saving children’s lives for over three decades on the Treasure Coast. We have been providing safe haven to children removed from their homes due to abuse, abandonment or neglect at our residential facilities – Hibiscus Tilton Family Shelter and Hibiscus Children’s Village.Since opening our doors, Hibiscus Children’s Center has provided over 400,000 nights of safety to children victimized by abuse. Children and teens sheltered by Hibiscus receive Mental Health Services from professional trauma-trained Therapists and specialized Sexual Abuse Treatment Counselors. The children that come to us have been severely traumatized by abuse, including physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse, and/or neglect.  Hibiscus has the only Sexual Abuse Treatment Program in District 19 that is recognized by the Florida Department of Health. Every day, we are helping victims of abuse begin the healing process and building a stronger foundation for their future.

But what if Hibiscus was not able to provide these critical services to abused children?  The cost to children and society is daunting …
On average, 5 children die every day at the hands of an abuser. 
More than 50,000 children are victims of abuse and neglected annually.
Children who experience abuse are 9 times more likely to become involved in criminal activity, human trafficking and develop suicidal ideations.  
Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for children, ages 5-18 years old.
The estimated average lifetime cost per victim of abuse is in excess of $200,000.

We nurture the future of teens through the innovative Career Pathways to Independence Program where we are equipping teens with career training and tools necessary to progress to healthy, happy, caring productive adults.  The “Healing Children through Careers” (HCC) Graphic Design Impact Center is an on-site career development business line for youth. This innovative business will enhance competitive employment opportunities for our youth. The specific goal of the program is to teach graphic design and printing skills as well as social and life skills so youth become successful community members.

Literacy assessments and one-on-one remedial reading sessions are provided for all children in our care. School liaisons monitor academic progress. Onsite libraries guarantee that children have the reading material they need and enjoy. Cultural event outings open doors to new experiences. Homework help and tutoring urge children to excel and give them the praise they deserve when goals are reached.

“I could never thank Hibiscus enough for everything that they have done for me and how they changed my life” – Former Village Youth 

In addition, Hibiscus children and teens are given opportunities to experience – many for the first time – life’s little treasures. Treasures most children take for granted, like being read to at bedtime, celebrating birthdays and expressing themselves through arts and crafts.  Children go on fun and educational outings, are introduced to the arts and participate in school extracurricular activities.  But, most importantly, they are shown love, nurturing and caring.

Visit the Hibiscus Programs to learn more about each of our services:
Residential Services:  Shelter  •  Village  
Mental Health Program:  Mental Health Services
Innovative & Career Planning Programs:   Graphic Design Impact Center •  Career Pathways to Independence 
Prevention Program: SafeCare  •  Supporting Families in Crisis

Thank You for helping us provide life-changing services to abused, abandoned and neglected children.

Hibiscus Transforms Tommy’s Life
Tommy* was 10 years old when he arrived at the Hibiscus Shelter.  His story is a perfect example of the life-changing services provided by the Hibiscus Shelter program and a testament to the loving staff and volunteers. (*Name changed for privacy)

It was probably the most traumatic day of Tommy’s life.  His mother passed away in the hotel room they were living in – while Tommy was there.  He had to wait all afternoon for his step-dad to return and call 911. Tommy was removed from his step-dad’s care and placed at the Hibiscus Shelter.  He was scared, traumatized, severely depressed and sadly, he weighed 260 lbs. To make matters worse, Tommy had not been in school for over a year. Hibiscus Children’s Center immediately began providing Tommy with grief counseling and individual therapy to help with the devastating loss of his mother. The staff noticed that Tommy had hygiene issues and didn’t know how to properly brush his teeth. The staff provided the guidance and nurturing that Tommy needed. The next step was making arrangements for his education.  The Shelter Education Coordinator worked closely with Tommy several hours a week to prepare him to test for placement in public school.  The staff were also concerned that Tommy might by the target of bullying due to his weight issue. Our Education Coordinator discussed her concerns with his teacher which resulted in a warm welcome from the students when Tommy arrived on his first day.  The kids were gracious and kind and it was a positive experience for Tommy.  He also had a new haircut, new clothes and a new sense of confidence that was beginning to develop. Over time, he joined several activities and lost 42 lbs. The staff were very proud of Tommy and continued to encourage his healthy eating habits.  He also joined the YMCA and played soccer.  Some of the fun Shelter outings include hikes and nature walks and Tommy was right there with the rest of the kids enjoying the outdoors.  Another exciting development in Tommy’s story was when he was taken off his depression medication. He continues to learn how to cope with the loss and trauma he has experienced, while enjoying school, friends, activities and the chance to just be a 10-year old boy. 
Today, Tommy is doing great and has gone to live in his forever home with extended family.   Tommy’s life has no doubt been transformed by the Hibiscus Shelter Program, volunteers, staff and the generosity of our supporters who make our programs possible.