Planting the seeds of tomorrow, today.

The Legacy Society honors people who have made a lasting commitment to the children we serve by including a gift to Hibiscus Children’s Center in their wills, trusts or estate plans.

“Recently, we needed to update our wills. As part of that process, we discussed the fact that even though we have for years volunteered and donated to Hibiscus and knew what a difference it makes in the lives and futures of abused and neglected children, we had not included a gift to Hibiscus in our wills.

Why was that?  Our answer was simple. We just never took the time to do what needed to be done. Luckily, our wills needed updating to specify which gifts we were leaving our two children. As a result, we have now included Hibiscus in both our wills.”  – Mike & Jan Harrell

“I feel blessed to have the Village in my life!”  –  Jan Harrell


Di Baker volunteer

“I have Hibiscus in my Will already because this organization has made such a difference in so many children’s lives over 35 years and I am proud to be part of continuing this effort”.– Diana Baker

Who will be better off in some way from your time here in the world?   Who will ensure that Hibiscus Children’s Center will be around to continue to make a difference and rebuild the lives of abused, abandoned, and neglected children in our community?

You can perpetuate your values and priorities.  By Leaving a Legacy through Hibiscus Children’s Center, you continue giving back forever.

Anyone can choose to ensure Hibiscus will be here in the future so that no child is ever turned away from the help they need.

Please let us know by filling out this form if you intend to join our Heirloom Legacy Society or contact Michelle King at or (cell) 561-452-5791.

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Heritage Legacy Society
Hibiscus has been fortunate to be a part of family legacies throughout our 35 years. We are thankful for these thoughtful gifts that were planned to ensure we will be here when kids need us. 

Anita G. Astrachan Estate  ∼  Beryl I. Bearint Estate  ∼  Beech Trust  ∼  Raymond L. Blackwood Estate  ∼  Mahlon A. Cline Estate  ∼  Fannie Collins Estate  ∼  Charles Cooper Estate  ∼  Constance Dai Estate  ∼  Richard A. Daunoras Estate  ∼  Dorthy Davis Estate  ∼  Katherine Dunscombe Estate  ∼  George & Gwen Ferrington Estate  ∼  Jim Fredlock Estate  ∼  Margaret Bloom Greenwalt Estate  ∼  Barbara Groves Estate  ∼  Edward J. Gryl Estate  ∼  Guy A. Hardy Estate  ∼  Ann Harrell Estate  ∼  Leon J. LaRoche Estate  ∼  Love S. LaRoche Estate   ∼  Louis Lawson Estate ∼  Lena LeClair Estate  ∼  Ell C. Lee Estate   ∼  Elizabeth J. Lowe Estate   ∼  Mary B. Maize Estate   ∼  Judith Marchioli Estate  ∼  Clarence R. McKinstry Estate   ∼  Mary Jane McManus Estate   ∼  Milford H. Meuser Estate   ∼  Lottie Neel Estate  ∼  Nicholas H. Noyes Memorial Fund  ∼  Beulah Nyblad Estate  ∼  Obersheimer Estate  ∼  Eleanor W. Pennington Estate  ∼  Gertrude R. Peterkin Estate  ∼  Virginia Pree Estate  ∼  Julia Renaldo Estate  ∼  Mildred J. Robideau Estate  ∼  Cart J. Same Estate  ∼  Jim Silvin Estate  ∼  Mary E. Smith Estate  ∼  Howard L. Smith Trust  ∼  Melbum G.A. Sonsteby Estate  ∼  Paul A. Spaulding Estate  ∼  Edward A. Tatarczuk Estate  ∼  Anita R. Tilton Trust  ∼  Ransom R. Tilton Trust  ∼  Mimi T. Towl Estate  ∼  Lorraine Vanderstad Estate  ∼  Charles E. Wallenhorst Estate  ∼  William V. Warga Estate  ∼  Margaret A. White Estate  ∼  Margaret B. Williams Estate  ∼  Lucy M. Zipko Estate

Heirloom Legacy Society
Donors who have indicated they are including Hibiscus Children’s Center in their Legacy Plan.  

Diana Baker  ∼  Mike & Jan Harrell  ∼  Norma & Andrew Mellor  ∼  Mr. & Mrs. Frank Noonan  ∼  Dr. James Vopal  ∼  Mrs. Marianne Weder  ∼   Ms. Marion Zborowski