St. Lucie County, FL –   Hibiscus Children’s Center is excited to announce that Publix Super Markets Charities has awarded a grant for $3,000 for the Supporting Families in Crisis Program.   This generous donation will help to fund this important prevention program that assists families in St. Lucie County through voluntary referral services.

The Supporting Families in Crisis Program addresses whatever crisis a family may have that if not addressed, could cause the removal of children from their homes.  Meet Beth (*name changed for privacy), a single mother of five who contacted Hibiscus for financial assistance.  The family had been homeless for three months and just moved into a home but needed help with past bills so they could get back on their feet.  The Family Advocate was able to secure funds to pay a portion of the bills and worked with the other debtors on behalf of Beth to develop a manageable payment plan for her expenses.

During this time, Beth discovered that her home had septic tank issues, which were unsanitary and a health hazard and unfortunately, the landlord refused to repair them.  The Hibiscus Family Advocate worked with Beth regarding renter’s rights and was able to assist her with documentation in order for her to receive her deposit back so she could move her family into a safer home.

As the Family Advocate spent time with Beth, she shared that she was a military veteran who was currently suffering from PTSD.  As soon as the Family Advocate found out that Beth was not receiving treatment or benefits, she immediately guided her to the Veteran’s Administration, where she was able to receive benefits, including disability, which helped her provide for herself and her five children.

It is always a sign of strength to reach out and ask for help.  Although it wasn’t easy, Beth is now able to provide a stable and secure environment for her children and receive the help she needs.   Working together, the Family Advocate provided the guidance, resources and encouragement Beth needed to make life better for her children.  Thank you to Publix Super Markets Charities for helping families like Beth’s to overcome challenges and provide a safe and loving home.

For more information about Hibiscus Children’s Center’s services, please visit us at: or call the Hibiscus Supporting Families in Crisis Program at (772) 340-5750, ext. 422.   This program is also generously supported, in part, by the Children’s Services Council of St. Lucie County and United Way of St. Lucie County with additional support from grants and the community.