SafeCare & SFC advocates

Karin Torsiello, Behavior Basics President, Jackie Lindgren, SFC Family Advocate, and Caroline Vinyard, Hibiscus COO at a Hibiscus Booth to spread awareness about child abuse prevention in St. Lucie County.

Hibiscus Children’s Center Announces New St. Lucie County Prevention Collaboration

St. Lucie County – Hibiscus Children’s Center is excited to announce a new prevention program serving St. Lucie County families.  SafeCare is a collaborative partnership between Hibiscus Children’s Center and Behavior Basics, Inc.   The program is focused on providing parenting education through home visits by “Parenting Coaches”.    SafeCare is funded, in part, by Children’s Services Council of St. Lucie County and Communities Connected for Kids.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults” (by Frederick Douglas).  The SafeCare Program is doing just that for our community’s children.  Preventing child abuse and helping children and youth thrive while we strengthen families is at the core of a strong and vibrant community.  SafeCare is an evidenced-based training program for parents who are at-risk or have been reported for child abuse and neglect.  Services are targeted to families that have one or more risk factors, including families with substance abuse, domestic violence issues, teen parents, parents of special needs children, single parents and low-income families.   The program has been successfully implemented in other parts of the country and has been effective for families struggling with these issues, many of which can increase the risk of child abuse and neglect.  In-home Parent Coaches, Deidra Bass and Jean Snyder, will work with families to increase parental knowledge and skills related to the four essential program components:  parent-infant interactions, parent-child interactions, home safety and child health.

Hibiscus Children’s Center is excited to collaborate with Behavior Basics, Inc. Their mission is to sustainably improve the quality of life for clients and their families through education, training and ongoing services.  Together, we are working to prevent child abuse and strengthen our families and community.

If you would like more information about Hibiscus Children’s Center, please visit us at  For SafeCare referrals, please contact Behavior Basics, Inc. at (772) 463-0444 or email: or visit the website: