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Hibiscus Children’s Center Pre-placement/Emergency Respite Program, located in Broward County, is designed to ease the transition of children ages birth-17 years entering the foster care system through an evidenced-based, trauma-focused approach that provides children with a safe, nurturing, protective and therapeutic environment. Children entering the foster care system may experience confusion, grief and loss and doubts and should be given the optimal opportunity to experience the least trauma and greatest sense of stability and security. The Pre-placement/Emergency Respite program provides guidance and supervision with a trauma-informed focus that facilitates the child’s adjustment to removal from their home or other out-of-home settings.

Our Home:  Safe Place is a 10-bed licensed emergency shelter in Broward County that is operated by Hibiscus Children’s Center.

Our Children: Children ages birth -17 years who have been removed from foster homes, group homes or other shelter placements that are awaiting a more permanent placement. These children may have experienced multiple placement failures and typically exhibit maladaptive behaviors that make placement difficult, such as running away, truancy and authority defiance from a foster care placement and are awaiting another placement may also be served.

Our Staff & Volunteers: The children are cared for by a group of screened, qualified and trained staff, as well as volunteers to provide trauma-informed care to our children.

Our Program: There are times when children are removed from their homes and need a temporary home until they can find the best placement. Safe Place will serve as a “soft landing” so the children are cared for in a safe and welcoming environment and not re-traumatized during the process of removing them from their homes.

Trauma Informed Care: Hibiscus Children’s Center provides each child in our programs with services designed to reach identified treatment goals and objectives through a trauma-informed approach utilizing the Sanctuary Model.