Supporting Families in Crisis

Supporting Families in Crisis Program is Hibiscus' voluntary prevention program.  This program is located in the St. Lucie County Community Outreach Office. 

A Supporting Families in Crisis Program Counselor received a telephone call from a single mother of four children.  She had recently given birth and was dismissed from her job for taking too much time off to deal with family matters. She and her children were currently living with her mother and her brother which was not an ideal situation.  The home was overcrowded and there was hardly enough food to feed the children.  It was also reported that at times the grandmother and uncle became verbally abusive.

The advocate provided case management to the family to assist in finding affordable housing, a referral for mental health services and referrals to other agencies for additional financial assistance.  The mother was able to secure affordable safe housing for her family, but still needed supplies for her new home. 

A Hibiscus Thrift Store voucher was completed for the family and they received furniture, clothing and other household items.
During one of the last visits to the home, one of the children came up to the advocate, gave her a hug and stated it was the first time in her life she ever had her own bed.